AZK ENERGY LTD.CO. is a young customer focused company active in the Energy, Telecommunication, Lighting and Construction Sector. Its main scope of business is supply of fabricated metal products, steel and aluminum poles, lattice towers, S/S Steel Structures, and all other types of towers and poles. AZK Energy Ltd. Co. provides also T-Line Materials (conductor hardware, insulators) and Lighting Materials (luminaires, cables, panels etc.) as well as Erection works services for Transmission Lines, Telecom Base Stations and S/S Steel Structures. Erection works are done by efficient, reliable and experienced teams of workers with international experience.

AZK ENERGY LTD.CO.  was established in 2013 by Aziz KARA, a former General Manager of Valmont Mitas Poles Industries. Aziz KARA holds B. Sc. Degrees and M. Sc. Degrees in Civil Engineering at the Black Sea Technical University in Trabzon and Middle East Technical University in Ankara/Turkey.

He has almost 20 years of experience in tower business (electric transmission & distribution towers, telecommunication towers and lighting poles), as well as experience in transmission line business from engineering to erection works. Prior to establishing AZK Energy Ltd. Co., he was employed at Mitas Turkey, one of the world’s biggest tower & pole manufacturer as Sales and Marketing Manager and later as General Manager of Mitas Valmont Industries.

AZİZ KARA AZK CONSTRUCTION CO. was established in summer 2015 by Aziz KARA due to the increased request for construction works. The main scope of work is Maintenance of various buildings, Construction of Prefabricated Buildings, and since 2016 also the Reconstruction of Public Parks, Irrigation works and Landscaping Projects. The jobs are done over public tenders for state institutions like Gendarmerie of Turkey, Kızılay (Red Cross), Karayolları, Public Hospitals, Public Electricity Companies etc.