• All kinds of construction works. Installation of internal installation and air conditioning, lightning rod assembly and testing, external excavation or post-overhead piping, installation of aluminum separations, preparation and approval of projects in accordance with requirements, conducting subscription transactions on behalf of the employer’s company.

• Installation: Base station installation and testing; cable, rack mounting; assembly of energy panels and batteries; installation of antennas on the tower or pole; cables (energy RF, Feeder cable, internal wiring and crossing of base station cabinets, etc.); ground; installation of base station cabinets, units, cards and TRUs; labeling of cables and materials; microwave radio installation and all necessary tests; preparing drawings and documents in accordance with the measurements of the electromagnetic field; insulation works (roof, door etc.); site cleaning.

• Assembly-Dismantling: Our team, which is specialized in the installation of power lines and air conditioning systems together with GSM Radio and Fixed Network, has the expertise, technical equipment and staff to perform all the stages from project planning to commissioning of these systems.

• Revision works for existing stations: increase M / L traffic capacity; changing the antenna height; changing antenna types; tilting antennas and removing existing tilts; adding antennas to the existing station (including drafting, connection and testing of feeder cables);

Type-change in base stations, complete dismantling of base station, cancellation of electricity subscriptions and dismantling of works related to construction works (such as tower, container, separation, electrical and grounding cables, pole or towers) and reinstatement of the location. All dismantled equipment and materials are classified, packed and delivered to the relevant warehouse.

• Maintenance: Uninterrupted communication is vital in GSM Radio Network Systems. Regular, uninterrupted and user-confidence communication systems are no longer luxurious in our area; communication has become available in all areas of our lifes. With this understanding, our teams carry out preventive maintenance in accordance with the schedule established by our maintenance planning group.

Maintenance procedures include:

Performing mechanical strength checks and looseness (bolt-nut and screw) controls of the whole system controls of values;

• External alarm tests to ensure their functioning, to complete any deficiencies detected; re-establishment of nonexistent; Checking the connections of the batteries and performing performance measurements, removing the faulty detected cells from the system; In-cabinet cleaning;

• Test and remove any external and internal alarms on all systems; Control and troubleshooting of RBS / BTS, nodeB, IP transport, transmission systems.

• Mechanical and periodic maintenance of the tower; Maintenance of pipe and profile systems; container / partition wall and insulation; Inspection and repair of wire fences; Ensuring environmental safety and cleanliness; Measuring the grounding of the system, tower, power line, wire fence stands and improving if necessary; In-container energy system (powerbox; cable; socket; switch; grounding cables etc.) control; Inspection and maintenance of cables and fittings of the entire power line; Fuse (MV and / or LV) surge arresters, insulators etc. control and maintenance; Transformer adjustment and measurements, Sectional adjustment and controls; Periodical maintenance of air conditioning systems